Material Recycle association

  • A lot of effect will be provided by the private sectro.
  • We lighten your burden for recycling..

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Intention of the institution

Suggestion of the sustainable material cycle society

Even if the recession, we propagate stable circulative resource collection.
We think we need the recycle system by citizen.
Though we have the method to utilize the separate collection of
the civil service, recycling cost will be the load of the finance.
If the waste papers are left, the cost will be down and they won’t be
collected. But we can’t burn them.
Don’t you think it is better to prepare for the unforeseen circumstance,
when it is good time for the circulative resources?
Non Profitable Organization SHIGEN RECYCLE NO KAI will
maintain the recycle society by collecting the circulative resources
with you and rag merchant, even if the worse situation comes.