Material Recycle association

A lot of effect will be provided by the private sectro.

We lighten your burden for recycling..
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Intention of the institution

Suggestion of the sustainable material cycle society

Even if the recession, we propagate stable circulative resource collection.
We think we need the recycle system by citizen.
Though we have the method to utilize the separate collection of
the civil service, recycling cost will be the load of the finance.
If the waste papers are left, the cost will be down and they won’t be
collected. But we can’t burn them.
Don’t you think it is better to prepare for the unforeseen circumstance,
when it is good time for the circulative resources?
Non Profitable Organization SHIGEN RECYCLE NO KAI will
maintain the recycle society by collecting the circulative resources
with you and rag merchant, even if the worse situation comes.

Service information

A lot of effect will be provided by the private sector.We lighten your burden for recycling! This is also important factor!!


once in a week (4 or 5 times in a month)


the place where we can halt (Garbage station etc)


we shall decide the date by considering the balance of the garbage
collection day when we use the garbage station.


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Information for the resident

We shall prepare the leaflet to notice the separation method,
recycling items and date to collect. Please distribute the leaflets
to the each residence. In addition, we shall attach
the signboard to the each station.

How to carry out

There are no burden for the officer. Each residence brings to
the station as well as ordinary garbage.

Provision for the late schedule

The phone number of the headquarter is written in the signboard.
We shall manage to collect when you want to put after the collection
until the rule is established thoroughly.

Separation method and Introduction of the circulative resources



Don’t mix the materials except for the newspaper and the insert.
Remove the magazines wrapper and mails. They are collected as mix paper.



Books and phone books are included.

Mix paper

Mix paper

Don’t mix with the magazines and don’t put these papers in the plastic bag
because we may confuse with the garbage. Please put in the paper bag.



Please fold the boxes. Boxes for the sweets or shoes are not included as a
cardboard. Please put them as a mix paper.

Milk carton

Milk carton

After you drink, rinse with the water lightly.
Cut it as left shown.
After dry it, put together and tie with the paper string.
Please avoid using the plastic string to tie.
Don’t mix with the mix paper.
(Recycle is not possible if inside is coated with silver paper)

Used Wear

Used Wear

After wash them, put in the transparent plastic bag, or tie with the string.
We collect the wool and blanket, not carpet, mattress and quilt.
Bag and shoes are also not acceptable.
We collect in the only sunny day. Please bring next time if it is rainy or cloudy.

Aluminum can

Aluminum can

The can indicated same mark as left. We don’t collect steel can. Please put in
the transparent plastic bag.

We can’t recycle the items as shown below. Please separate as burnable garbage.

Cup for the instant noodle
Oil paper
Paper cup and dishes
Bottle for the detergent
Photos Separate wrapper for the soap 
Thermal Paper
Yoghurt cup and Ice cream cup

Separation method and Introduction of the circulative resources

milk carbon

ark for paper wrapper.But aluminum should not be contained. It is not compulsory.
Related organizations adopt of their own accord.


This mark is indicated in the recycled paper authorized
by the paper recycle promotion center.


Mark is obliged to the paper wrapper except for cardboard and drink pack.
But aluminum pack is also obliged.
Some goods with this mark cannot be recycled to the paper.


Most drink can is made by aluminum or steel.This is a steel mark.To make easy to separate, each material is indicated on the surface of the container.


Most drink can is made by aluminum or steel.This is a aluminum mark.To make easy to separate, each material is indicated on the surface of the container.


Japan Environment Association conducts Eco Mark as secretariat. This mark is indicated through the certification of this association. Now, there are about 5000 kinds of merchandise. This mark is aimed to familiarize eco life style through selection of merchandise.


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